All travelers today are cautioned not to act recklessly and carefree during their holiday trips by local authorities. This is in line with the expected increase in the number of crimes that are related to tourism such as robbery and theft. Police officials repeatedly tell the public today to be vigilant and be extremely careful with the places that they visit and the people they mingle with. Today, a lot of lawless elements will definitely take advantage of the fact that many families will go on trips and therefore, the public should be very careful. This was the warning of authorities for tourists out there.

Travelers are advised not to bring many things that are not necessary. They should only bring things that they need in order to facilitate their trips. They are also advised to avoid wandering around places that are unfamiliar to them. This is to ensure that they avoid being caught in a situation where they can end up to be victims of crimes such as robbery and theft. In addition, the authorities also said that lawless elements today are much more aggressive and would inflict unnecessary harm to their potential victims. Everyone should be very careful with their trips today.

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